Registration Period:

4 Aug 04:00 PM UTC - 14 Aug 04:00 PM UTC

Competition Period:

14 Aug 04:00 PM UTC - 21 Aug 12:00 PM UTC

Prizes Intro:

The EOS trading competition consists of both team and individual prizes up to $60,000.

Reward TOP1 TOP2 TOP3 TOP4-10
Team Profitability Prizes 15000 10000 6000 2000
Individual Profit Prizes 3000 2000 1000 300
Individual Profit Vol. Prize 1500 1000 500
Individual Trading Vol. Prizes 1500 1000 500

Competition Rules:

a) The trading pair for this competition is EOS/USD, the profit of other trading pairs are not counted, such as: BTC/ETH/XRP

b) Newly registered traders will get $10 trading bonus.

c) Additional $50 trading bonus is given to competition participating clients before the start of the competition (once only), please make sure to have the required 50 EOS balance before the starting date of the competition to claim this exclusive bonus.

d) Clients are allowed to late join the competition as long as you have registered for the competition during the registration period. Simply make the 50 EOS minimum deposit then you will be considered for the ranking. However, you will not get the additional $50 trading bonus if you choose to late join.

e) During the competition, there is no restriction on deposits or withdrawals, but the additional deposits or withdrawals of the participants will change the initial net value of the account. Please be careful not to affect the ranking.

f) It is strictly forbidden for users to register multiple accounts to participate in the trading competition. If this occurs, once found, they will be disqualified and the offending accounts will be banned.

g) The decisions made by Bybit for the outcome of the competition will be final. If you have any questions, please consult our Livechat Support or send an email to

About the 'Bonus':

1. The cryptocurrency the bonus giveaway in this trading competition is EOS.

2. The bonus cannot be directly withdrawn, the profit portion can be withdrawn, and the bonus will be cleared after the withdrawal, if losses occur, the bonus will be preferentially deducted.

The Team Member Registration Process:

1. Global users can choose their favorite captain to join their team on the competition page, and join their group. In addition, the account equity must be equivalent to or more than 50 EOS to join the official competition.

2. During the competition, the team members can refer to the captain’s market analysis to help improve the overall profitability of the team.

PS: The market analysis provided by the captain does not reflect the opinion of Bybit. Margin Trading is highly risky.

Prizes Description:

a) The 'Team Profitability Prizes' is ranked according to the average profitability of the top 10 team members. The members who untraded and made a loss will be excluded.

b) For the 'Team Profitability Prizes', the captain will receive 30% of the total prizes, the Top 10 members will receive 20% of the total prizes, and the remaining 50% divided equally between all team members, except untraded ones.

c) Individual-related prizes are ranked top 10 according to the profitability/profit/trading volume of all participants (captains and team members). The players who untraded and made a loss will not be counted if they enter the top 10.

d) All prizes can be superimposed if they meet the ranking requirements. After the prizes are settled, it will be paid to the participant's Bybit account and can be directly withdrawn.

Participants profitability formula: [final net value - (initial net value + deposit)] / (initial net value + deposit)

Initial net value = net value of the account at the beginning of competition (including unrealized profit and loss)

Final net value = net value of the account at the end of the competition (including unrealized profit and loss)

Deposit = the accumulated deposit of the account during the competition, including transaction, bonus collection, commission withdrawal.

Q: How to participate?

A: Event Page, click on 'Join the team' to enter the team information page, click on 'I wish to join', and you can register for the competition.

Q: How to qualify for the competition?

A: Have Net Equity Value of >=50EOS, after sucessful registration , and you will automcicaly qualify and enter into the ranking.

Q: How to claim the trading bonus?

A: Newly registered participants will receive a $10 trading bonus.

Q: Can I change team?

A: Team cannot be changed upon joining.

Q: Can withdrawal be done during competition period?

A: During competition period, there is no limit to deposits and withdrawal, however additional deposits or withdrawal of the competition participants will change the starting net equity value, please execute with caution to avoid affecting your ranking .

Q: How is the Team Prizes distributed?

A: If the team enters into top 10 ranking, the captain will receive 30% of the total prizes, the top 10 members will receive 20% of the total prizesd, and the remaining 50% divided equally between all team members, except those with no trades. Team members with no trades will not participate in the prizes distribution.