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Bybit VS Others

$90 User Benefit

Receive up to $90 in bonus and coupon

Trading experience

Delay within 1MS, no Overload

Customer Service Support

24/7 Live Customer Service

Email Customer Service

Convenient functions

One-click stop-loss and take-profit

Market Depth

Average Market Depth Liquidity Over 1 Million , Minimum Spread

Slippage range from 15-30 USD

Account Security

Multi-Signature Cold Wallet, Zero Fund Loss

One Click Take Profit and Stop Loss

Bybit allows you to set the profit and loss ratio with one click when placing an order!

Price mechanism

The “Mark Price” selects the real-time transaction price of the three major regulated exchanges by the US Securities Regulatory Commission, and the weighted average determines the trigger price for liquidation

Market depth

The depth of the first three positions of the platform has reached the level of more than a million dollars, far exceeding the industry's average depth of 10,000 and 100,000-level market.

Safe Funds

Self-built industry's leading hierarchical cold wallet system, all user assigned addresses are cold wallet addresses, fund collection and withdrawal have to go through offline authorised signatures

Technical Support

Bybit guarantees that the user's account and trades will not be incorrect due to system faults, and in cases of errors, Bybit will compensate accordingly

At Bybit You Can Get:

Up to $90 bonus and coupon. Risk free live trade for new users

Competitive contracts trading fee and minimum maintenance margin rate

24/7 Customer Live Support, to answer your queries

Provides a variety of professional strategy execution tools such as one-click stop-loss, take-profit, trailing stop loss, and reduce-only

The interface is more friendly, the functions are more convenient, support PC, mobile

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